At Labrador, our goal is to help you improve the effectiveness of your SEC disclosure documents in a way that makes it easy for your readers to find and understand the content they are looking for, highlighting the content you want them to see. Maintaining a reader-centric focus throughout our full suite of services helps us stay aligned with the core objectives of our clients.

Our team culture is focused on transparency and collaboration, bringing all the necessary skills onto a seamless customer experience. Your SEC disclosure is more than just a set of compliance documents. It is a source of value for you AND your readers.

We can help you unlock this value by improving

the way your disclosure is read in the following ways

Convert complex data into easy to understand graphics that save space

Offer new possibilities for your filed and printed SEC disclosure

Create the ideal Proxy Summary or Executive Summary structure of your CD&A

Utilize document layouts that reduce volume and make content easier to read and navigate

Present tabular data in a more transparent way to our clients

Understand how fund managers, analysts and stakeholders react to your content

SEC disclosure

Your SEC disclosure is an opportunity to create value by telling your story and project your strengths to your key audiences.  Thanks to Labrador´s award winning approach to SEC document creation, a high proportion of our clients have achieved the following results:

  • Higher Say-on-Pay scores
  • Reduced Broker non-votes
  • Improved Reader experience
  • Stronger buy in from stakeholders, within and around the Board
  • Market and Award Recognition

Proxy Statement and Form 10-K

Your Proxy Statement and Form 10-K are some of the most important communications you produce. They are an authoritative platform to tell your strategic, governance and compensation story and are produced around an event – your shareholder meeting. It is a critical time of the year when you must pull together key information in a short timeframe.

Our EDGAR compatible layouts have a variety of benefits including:

Reducing pagination by up to 20%, generating savings on print and postage costs

Communicating management performance and highlighting company successes

Enhancing readability with an easy to read summary in your Proxy Statement

Filing and printing easy-to-read documents that are appreciated by readers

Ready to unlock the value of your disclosure?