Most filed and printed SEC documents look the way they do because the layout suits the financial printers systems.  Presenting information in dense narrative form, with little attention paid to readability means key information can be difficult to find and can perceived as having a lack of concern for the reader.

Labrador can help you change this dynamic by helping you define a layout that is focused on helping your readers find and understand what they are looking for and that highlights the information you want your readers to read and understand.

Help you tell your story through an improved structures, more relevant content and a clearer presentation style

Make recommendations on graphics and content enhancement where there will be the greatest impact to readers

Bring your readers towards digital platforms, reducing print runs and inciting a more interactive and positive participation


Producing attractive, clear documents has been at the heart of Labrador since our inception – Labrador has the expertise to make your disclosure clear, elegant, precise and highly relevant. Our advice is based on insight – we survey readers and investors, benchmark trends and follow SEC regulation closely. We listen carefully to advisors and key stakeholders to understand their expectations.

Changes in SEC Rules and increased congressional legislation means corporate management must place greater emphasis on shareholder disclosure. It has increased scrutiny of corporate governance programs and the need for transparency. As a result, readers are demanding better information, and are less tolerant of corporations which give the impression that reporting is a burden.

Today, it is more important than ever to embrace the opportunity to get your story across to stakeholders, and to prepare a document that looks like it’s meant to be read.

We understand what drives your readers and provide advice that helps you maintain reporting excellence in this more demanding, ever-changing environment. We closely monitor all developments in SEC regulation; as more disclosure is required, we help you to implement best practices to keep you ahead of the curve. The biggest challenge is to balance compliance and clear communication – ensuring that readers do not need to wade through dense disclosure to find key facts.


Document DESIGN

Our design team has improved hundreds of documents for clients seeking to make their disclosures more relevant, easy to navigate, and reader-centric. As a result, readers have increased their level of trust and confidence in the story our clients are trying to tell.

By leveraging the communicative power of graphics, color and clear levels of document hierarchy, it is possible to present the information readers are searching for in a more compelling way

For too long, disclosure has been presented in dense narrative form, with little attention paid to presentation and readability. In 2002, Labrador approached the SEC’s Department of Investor Education with a simple objective in mind – to improve the presentation of EDGAR documents – digitally and in print.

Key areas of focus in the design process:

Design HTML and PDF documents with the same level of care as your printed materials

Produce elegant and easy to read content that engages the reader

Tell your story in a way that ensures your readers don’t miss key information they need to know


Our principal objective is to ensure that your shareholder documents are read and incite participation. This means that we do not encourage you to print more to reach your readers, but focus instead on the right mix of print and digital channels. We can help you encourage your tech-savvy readers to sign-up for electronic delivery. This will ensure that the documents you print are read by a target audience that you might not have otherwise reached effectively.

This, combined with our highly responsive document production team, has helped our clients become some of the most transparent and effective communicators of financial information in the world. From the hand-over from our design team to every detail of the final reader experience, our Production team takes you through a well planned process with the support of best-in-breed tools, training, and proven methodologies.

The philosophy of our work is focused on


Working with you as a partner to maximize efficiency, eliminate errors and re-work


Professional planning and high-touch project management to ensure end-to-end care for the delivery of your story to readers


Mitigate risks by leveraging our experience and proactive service


Being accountable to our clients’ boards, legal counsel and corporate secretaries


Reduce complexity for companies during the document creation process


Maintaining and end-to-end picture, managing all the project components required to deliver a final product our clients can be proud of

Ready to modernize and improve your disclosure process?